Liz is Fighting a Fight Like No Other

On July 15th, 2011 we were (unexpectedly) informed that Liz had Ovarian Level 3C Cancer and just like any other challenges we are presented with in our lives, “We Are Determined to Fight and Win This Thing.”

The Garcia and Matiella family are "Incredibly Thankful" that we have a network of Friends and extended Family who are willing to Fight this Fight with Us knowing we are not in this by ourselves.

It is also very important to note that God is a Loving and Gracious God who will take charge of all of this (when we ask in his name, John 14 vs. 12-14) and oversee our progress as we fight this fight together with Liz.

This web site was designed for those family and friends of ours out there who want to help contribute in some other way. We know that the Insurance coverage and many other unforeseen circumstances won’t be covered forever (we simply just don’t have a money tree in our backyard). So we ask for your Gift Contribution of whatever amount you choose from your heart (the donate button is at the bottom of the page). Or, just FB us to follow along with Liz' progress.

Of Note: "Contributions are considered gifts and are not tax deductible"

I will do my best to keep you informed of Liz’ weekly and day to day progress through Facebook, please friend me (Christopher A. Garcia) to include you in our correspondence.

A Sincere Thank You to Alessia Alaimo and Pro Concepts Digital Printing who helped in designing this web site, please patronage their business when you can, "They are good people who go above and beyond anything you ask of them."
Feel free to call me (Chris) at any time for any questions you might have: 1-866-999-5601 toll free or locally if in Tucson (520) 603-8566.